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{camembert in vine leaves}

camembert in wine leaves starvingchef

The name of the dish ’camembert in vine leaves’ suits the most for this recipe because having a glass of good quality red wine with it is a must. And not just because I love it but because the camembert needs special attention and care! This cheese is geniously versatile as we can pair it with merlot, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc or shiraz – you’ll see that no matter which type of wine you choose all the flavors will come together. For me, it’s the best with Kékfrankos („Blue Frankish”- traditional Hungarian wine, which has dark cherry flavors, soft tannins, some acidity and slightly spicy), Zweigelt or Kadarka (traditional Hungarian wine, dry, medium ruby colour, good acidity, low tannin, good balance and medium body with a jammy, spice character.) as well as Egri Bikavér (“Bull’s blood – traditional Hungarian wine, very dry, but with a full-bodied fruit profile, moderate tannins, and relatively low acidity) from either Eger or Szekszárd region.


125 gr camembert

4 pcs grape leaves

1 tbs honey

3-4 tbs balsamic vinegar

chili peppers, minced

a couple of grapes

2 slices of toasted bread

2 souffle form (9cm)

camembert in wine leaves starvingchef


Place two grape leaves on the bottom of each souffle forms. Cut the camembert in half and place one piece in each form. Stir honey and balsamic vinegar together, make sure you taste it before you add it to the cheese. If it needs more honey or balsamic vinegar, don’t be shy adding it. Pour the mixture on the cheeses, add the remaining grape leaves to cover. If it’s necessary secure it with toothpicks. Bake it for about 30-40 minutes in 350F. Don’t forget the wine and the toasted bread. Make sure to start your fire place in time, tune on some french love songs and enjoy the dinner with your loved one!

Have a wonderful evening!